Let’s Have some Basic Knowledge about the Camera

Usually fitted with a lightproof box or container, lens Camera which so that it can be directed toward the film or the imaging device contained within concentrates it by gathering incoming light.


All of them less or more sophisticated versions of the camera with smart camera remote obscura today there are many different types of camera in use, which to antiquity dates back.


Nearly of the same basic parts all of them are made up: to control the amount of light reaching the light-sensitive surface a lens and a shutter, a body (the lightproof box), a focusing mechanism and to frame the scene a viewfinder.


Control the Light Peeping into the Camera


By reference to its maximum opening, or aperture the speed of a lens is indicated, through which light enters the camera with versatile camera trigger.


By an iris diaphragm (in the center a series of overlapping metal blades with a hole that form a circle whose diameter as desired can be decreased or increased) inside the lens this f-stop, or aperture is controlled. The smaller the aperture the higher the f-stop number and vice versa.


The time during which light is permitted to enter the camera with camera remote for timelapse is controlled by a shutter. Focal-plane and leaf-type are two basic types of shutter.


Similar to those of the iris diaphragm a ring of overlapping metal blades is employed by the leaf-type shutter, which to the desired degree may be opened or closed. Behind or in front of the lens occasionally is placed but between the lens elements it is normally located.


Just in front of the film plane the focal-plane shutter is located and travelling horizontally or vertically across the film frame has one or two cloth or metal curtains.


For a good exposure the proper amount of light (influenced by the relative sensitivity of the film being used and determined by using a light meter) can be obtained in conjunction with the width of aperture by adjusting the shutter speed.


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