The Benefits of Using a DSLR Rig

The first benefit of a DSLR rig is an obvious one. It will improve the ergonomics of your camera. Digital single lens reflex cameras are still designed, primarily, with the stills photographer in mind. For someone shooting video, handles and increased points of contact are essential to provide a comfortable shooting position and increased stabilization - especially when filming for long periods of time. Adding a DSLR rig to your camera will provide you with multiple handles and grips allowing you to hold the camera in different positions comfortably.


The second benefit of a rig is that it will provide a level of protection for you camera with lightning trigger. As a videographer your camera is your main source of income. It is the most important piece of your kit. Protecting it should be a priority. Were your camera accidentally to be knocked over a a decent level of protection will be provided by a high quality rig. This is because most DSLR rigs are made from aluminum or high density plastics that extend far beyond the dimensions of the camera. Like a roll cage in a racing car protects the driver in a collision so too does a rig when your camera takes an unexpected knock.


The third benefit of making use of a DSLR rig is that it provides you with a platform for adding industry standard accessories. Like in all industries, there are always standards that help to simplify the trade. In the film industry the standard has always been a simple device consisting of two rods 15mm in diameter, 60mm apart. This provides you with a base to which you can add the accessories, transforming your camera from a consumer luxury into a film making workhorse.


Fourthly, a camera with camera remote will allow you to obtain the shots never before possible. When the DSLR film making boom first started, most rigs were limited to rod supports, camera cages and perhaps a few handles. These days, the number of new accessories hitting the market every month is endless - and they are not just limited to ergonomic accessories.


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