The Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera Setup Menu and How to Use It

If we go straight into this at the very top of the Nikon D3400 setup menu, you have got the reset the setup options which will reset all the options in this setup menu. It is an option if you need to change everything in it. The one further down below that is format memory card. You should format the memory card when you first put it into the camera. It is also worth reformatting it occasionally, particularly after you have downloaded a lot of pictures.

It essentially resets the card and formats the card so that it is appropriate for this camera with versatile camera trigger. The thing to remember is that when you format the card you delete everything, so please make sure that you have taken off and removed everything that you want and put it onto a different hard disk or a computer somewhere.

Allowing you to put a little date stamp at the bottom of each of your pictures the one below that on the D3400 setup menu is date stamp. Then you have got time zone and date, which you should have put in when you switched on the camera initially or when you set it up. This gives you the option to change the time zone and date and if you change time zone also you get the option to change that when you are in snap bridge.

When you connect to a mobile device or a tablet you get the option to synchronize the two so that is another way of setting the time and date. Below that is language. Again you will have dealt with this when you switch the camera with camera remote for timelapse on for the first time but you can change the language here should you wish to.

Monitor brightness can be very useful if you know that you are going somewhere that is very dark and you do not want the brightness of the screen to either distract you or others, say for example you might be going to the theater and then you can turn the monitor brightness down.

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