A Clandestine for Water Drop Photography

The kind of cameras available today are very much different from those of traditional ones. The old style cameras have to be manipulated and handles physically. Because of the advancement in technology, the cameras available today are those that can already be manipulated and controlled using a remote gadget.



The camera remote controls make taking photos more convenient and flexible. One noting fact is that you can eliminate with a camera remote controller is the presence of camera shakes that can affect the photos. It is best to have a tripod when you use a remote control. This will ensure better quality pictures and the good thing is that you are present in the photo.With some expensive and advanced camera remote controls, one can zoom and interval settings with playback. You can even turn the LCD on or off as per your requirement. Some systems also have a small display that shows some information like number of frames taken and the camera mode. You can be assured of taking telephoto and close-up shots that can be timed and set according to your specifications. Enjoy the technology and capture those moments easily with this very useful tool.



The Pluto Valve aided with the Pluto Trigger, accredit you to take photos of water drops colliding in mid-air (for splash photography)these are cool tools and accessories that excels your photography ventures. The Pluto trigger is a small, compact trigger system that advertises to be able to do the tasks like Stills,Timelapse,Startrail,HDR,Video,Sound,Laser,lightning,proximity,droplet,shake,smile,motion. Along with the trigger, the buyer also receives a small laser, along with three cables. One cable is provided to connect the trigger straight to a flash unit, second cable is compatible with the camera the purchaser has and the third is just a longer cable. A cable is provided to hook up the trigger to the water valve. Two hot shoe adapters were also present in the box. it is operated via smart phone with apps for both IOS and Android. There is also Pluto Water Valve, which is a specifically designed product for droplet photography.

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