Why Go For a Full HD Camera?

Brought to video games, DVDs, TVs, digital camcorders and cameras it's difficult to escape the advent of high definition technology, unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years. The cream of the crop at the moment is 'full HD', but instead of a normal high definition camera why would you want to shell out for a full HD camera? Here's why:

Full HD Camera vs. Normal HD Camera

When it produces either a still or moving image the number of pixels (points of light) the camera contains the principle difference between a HD and a full HD camera with lightning trigger. Just like producing an image for the eye with your digital cameras, television set, scan horizontal lines of pixels. Creating a much sharper and clearer image the pixel density is much greater by increasing the number of lines of pixels.

A product must be '720' in order to qualify as a standard high definition video camera, which means there are 1280 vertical lines and 720 horizontal lines of pixels. A full HD camera will have 1920 vertical ones and 1080 horizontal lines, which is why there is such a buzz around '1080' technology - at the moment creating the clearest images it is the highest resolution available in HD.

Progressive Scanning vs. Interlaced Scanning

Although having a high resolution is all very well but the benefits of the resolution will be lost unless the pixels can be scanned quickly. 'Scanning' is how quickly the image can be displayed on a screen after being processed. Meaning that the image is drawn using alternating lines of pixels most normal cameras come with interlaced 'i' scanning. Imperceptible to the eye as it fills in the blanks the even lines will appear followed by the odd lines.

All at the same time Progressive 'p' scanning, however, displays the full image. A full HD camera with progressive scanning without the image flickering can display that resolution all at once in a continual sequence apart from having the highest resolution. Pluto valve is also a necessity.

The bonus of progressive scanning is that it can capture much better still photos from video frames and the images keep their clarity even in slow motion. Making full HD a must-have for anyone serious about their digital cameras the combined quality of 1080 pixel resolution and progressive scanning is awesome.

Google does promise unlimited storage of photos and videos

One advantage the phone has is that it is deeply integrated with Google's search services. Google Assistant is part of the package. This uses machine learning and can access the company's large search database.

Google Assistant can answer about any question you can pose. Among the many tasks it can handle are scheduling reminders, looking up facts, finding places to eat, setting alarms, giving directions, and translating phrases? It is supposed to become more personalized as you use it.

The Assistant is said to be more conversational than Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa or Microsoft's Cortana. You can use your voice to speak to it in a conversational manner. It also has a chat-like interface.

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